Monday, March 8, 2010

This Relax and Enjoy thing is Working!

I honestly don't know what has gotten into me. Maybe it's the fact that Fletcher is easier to communicate with, or maybe I just hit the wall. But since my last post, I truly have begun to CHILL the hell out and my life seems HAPPIER! I'm less worried about everything and everyone around me and just trying not to miss this amazing little life in front of me. (Don't get me wrong... I still have my moments and days for that matter. But overall, things feel easier!)

So, I have a handful of photos and a few stories...

Fletcher's First Haircut
Much to my mullet hating family and friends relief, Fletcher has FINALLY had his first hair cut. (Which my just be a bi-annual event at this rate.) The Albert Einstein/mullet/dreadlock/rat tail hairdo was just not working. He was less than pleased and said it "hurt", but the candycane left over from Christmas seemed to simmer him down (which reminds me, you'll be happy to know Barry removed our Christmas wreath, just in time for Valentine's Day!) We rarely see "OFFICIAL" tears from Fletch... but he sported a couple during the 3 minute trim.

Parenthood Moment!!!
We took Fletch to see a children's concert this weekend at Boise High. We decided to get him seasoned as a true concert goer. We got there early... drank some milk, ate snacks, socialized, and staked out front row seats. It was all going well. He actually sat through the majority of the concert. He was swaying back and fro... I was feeling pretty proud. TH
EN... Red (the singer) asked a few kids to come up on stage and sing with him. (These were kids who had clearly practiced the song and were chosen ahead of time.) Fletcher couldn't restrain himself. He Soooo badly wanted to be on the stage with these children. At first I held him back and soon it was a small wrestling match. And suddenly it hit me.... Fletcher truly loves music, and I'm pretty sure he loves nothing more than an audience. So, I told my little guy if he was going to get on stage, he better hurry. (Mind you, the children were half way through their song.) Honestly, I was embarrassed that he was running up there but I truly felt like it was feeding his soul... who he really is. I remember reading somewhere that one of the best things you can do for your children is to encourage who they really are. As awkward as it felt, I did just that. (Believe me, I got a handful of dirty looks from mothers around me who seemed to think I was letting my out of control child rule me... but I know him and it was going to be okay... it is who he is.) So.. I got one quick shot of him headed for the spotlight... (I didn't dare take anymore as the glares were getting worse from all the soccer moms around me.)
Meet Pippa...

Part of chilling out has included our daily walk up the street to visit Pippa. She is a rusty looking little horse who I swear probably only cost $10. But she is the sweetest thing ever! We have fallen in love with her and Fletch shares and apple with her every afternoon. My mom and Brian were in town visiting and we took a little stroll to see her. My mom said "Visiting the horses was nice... It was like stopping to smell the roses." I disagree slightly... I think it's like stopping to smell the horse poop... but it's all lovely to me!

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