Friday, January 22, 2010

RELAX and ENJOY... 2010

I began this blog with the intention of recording our days with Fletch so that he could look back and remember his childhood. For now... I'm thinking all he'll remember is that his mother is a complete slacker!

With that said... I'm sad that I didn't post any photos of Christmas, where my entire family came to visit only on a days notice. Where we all played cards at the table in our dining room and Fletcher relished in his cousins' company. What a great holiday we had.

So now it's 2010 and despite my hatred for "resolutions" I decided this year would be different. Because of course... the "ANTI-resolution" did not work well last year. Here is my resolution.... "RELAX & ENJOY"...

I VOW to stop caring what my house looks like, enjoy the gift of my husband and son, who cares if the Christmas wreath on the front of our house is brown and it's January 22nd. I'm over the FRET!!! I will enjoy the GIFT OF LIFE! .... How can I screw this up??? I'm sure I'll have my days but I'm done being hard on myself.... So what if I didn't post the perfect blog for Christmas... I will never forget it and I'll remind Fletcher how great it was.

This all brings me to this photo of my little dude. We have been sick at with a cold and then the flu for 2 weeks. Fletch was so sick of being inside and about to lose his mind, so we took a hike together in the foothills. Fletch was squinting his eyes and he asked if he could wear my sunglasses.... WHAAT? I really felt like we were bonding. Next he'll want to barrow the car!! He may have had a wicked flu
(Look... if he blows chunks on the walk, I won't even have to clean up...)but he still rocked the hike... I love being a mom!

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Mommy Long Legs said...

Good for you Cody! I actually had a resolution to take LESS pictures this year. There is something to be said about putting the camera down and just "being" in the moment instead of separated by that little black box. Of course, this is easier said than done...especially since its just too darn hard not to want to record all the frills and fanciness that goes along with having a little girl!

So what if your BLOG isn't updated. You will be glad you spent that BLOGGING time making memories with your boy instead of preserving them!