Sunday, November 15, 2009

Día de los Muertos

This year we skipped Halloween and headed to Mexico with friends to celebrate the good life and Día de los Muertos! Our dear friends Zeke and AnnMarie Johnson invited us to stay with them at a beautiful condo in Punta Mita. There we were treated with a stunning ocean views, delicious meals, and to much fun to mention. Here are a handful of photos. With 8 adults and Fletch... he kept us fully entertained! Each morning and night he would have us bust out the Black Eyed Peas tune "I Gotta Feeling" and would boogie down. He really enjoyed himself and was saying a ton of new words by the end of the week, including.... hola, adios, beer, and boobs... Ahhhh, makes a mother proud. ?!

The boys went fishing and returned with a 130lb tuna. We enjoyed a tasty dinner which they even prepared for all the gals and Fletch. It was great to see Fletch play in the ocean and even make little friends at the beach. It was the first time I really felt like we had a kid... and not a baby. It was a very great bonding trip with him!Taking in the view.

Zeke intoducing Fletcher to baby gecko.

"I Gotta Feeling" - Dance Party... lead by Fletchito (as we called him)

Headed to dinner. AnnMarie holding Fletch. :>
Night view from our balcony.
Morning coffee for mom, morning milk for Fletch.
Zeke, Andrew, Beau, & Barry celebrating their big day fishing!
Momma loves.
Meghan and Carrie

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