Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Other Family...

Although Barry and I consider ourselves very blessed to have such amazing families, we also have another "family"... our friends.

Living in Boise, we really have no immediate family here and over the years, our neighbors, old roommates, and other friends have become our second family. In this photo is our friend Robert... he is MY FAMILY, he is BARRY'S FAMILY, he is FLETCHER'S FAMILY... and if Roxy, were given a choice, she would be living with him!

I met Robert when I was 19 and attending Boise State. I rented a room in the Northend and a few weeks later Robert rented another room in the same house. To say the least, we had a rocky start. I was a hyper, young girl, working 3 jobs, getting poor grades, and just all around annoying... he had just finished PA school and found it extremely satisfying to torment me however he could. He would embarrass me in front of my boyfriends, gather shredded paper from his office for months and then stuff my bedroom full of it, leave the toilet seat up, wake me up and jump on my bed with 2 golden retrievers and 1 yellow lab after he came home from a night out drinking, he would just drive me nuts... but then I would forgive him when he'd once in a while buy me a beer... or two. We pretty much hated each other for a while... but somehow, somewhere, he became like a brother to me.

Robert has been sick for a while and this week, we found out that he has cancer. Right now I feel a bit numb, I want to help Robert get well however I can, but today I just want to remember how I came to love him. He is sensitive and sweet,
stubborn and tough... yet, funny and caring.

I remember once when I was 20, Robert and I were out for dinner and we saw a man dancing so crazy and free... he was wearing a purple tank top, purple tie-dye skirt and leg warmers to match. (you Boise natives may know who I'm talking about... this guy is still at every Alive After Five... sometimes with roller blades.) I made a comment to Robert about what a freak the guy was and how strange he was. Robert looked at me and said "Why do you care? At least he is happy... he is comfortable and happy, leave him alone."

I will never forget that day. Even now, I often see that man dancing and I'm always so jealous that he can stand in front of strangers and express himself so openly. Just this summer I saw him dancing and watched him in awe.... he knew so many people in the crowd... people loved him, he was hugging people... strangers even.. he didn't stop smiling. His energy was so positive and I guarantee he is happier than most any of us!

As I write this I look at how Robert has lived his life so far...
He does live his life much like the man we saw dancing... always an AMAZING friend to SO many people, he is a wonderful listener, he'll tell you what he thinks, Robert is a VERY loyal friend, he probably wouldn't wear purple (ha, ha) but, he lives his life honestly and openly and he is a HAPPY person that people LOVE!

I so wish that I were an eloquent writer because these few short paragraphs don't do my friend justice. He is my brother and I love him!

Please keep Robert in your prayers... this world needs him!
We love you Robert!!!!!

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Mommy Long Legs said...

A wonderful message Cody. You have me in tears. Thanks for sharing. I have been thinking about how many people Robert has brought into my life, just by simply opening his home (and couch) to this poor MT gal without a single friend in Boise. Without him, I wouldn't have met you fabulous people. Lots of great stories. Remind me to tell you about the mac n cheese and hot dogs! We are all praying too. Love ya!