Sunday, September 13, 2009

Future Firemen!

Last night Fletch and his buddies, Max and Jack were so excited when they received a surprise visited by the Boise Fire Department. They little boys ransacked the truck posed for a quick snapshot.

Now, here is a run down of what our little dude is up to.
(I don't keep a baby book... this blog is it, so please excuse some of the details)
Can't believe Fletcher is 16 months old... he's a pretty big boy 26 lbs. Almost size 7! shoe!!!!
He is jabbering up a storm. He makes animal sounds on demand, RUNs.. sometimes walks & often falls, is OBSESSED with the guitar, blender, and moon. Twice this week I've caught him dipping things in the toilet and eating them....
OH the joy he sees on my face when I turn that corner!

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Mommy Long Legs said...

What a fun age! Its bittersweet because it makes me miss my little chubby Miles at that stage, but I also know what fun lies ahead! Looks like you guys are having so much fun. I have a firefighter friend who says to bring Miles out anytime for a ride on the firetruck. I may wait for a cooler day when we need something to do. YOu guys want to join in?