Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Life IS precious!

The saying "Life is precious" is so TRUE. But until a couple of days ago, I truly had no idea what those words could really mean. As most of you already know, we had the most frightening scare on Friday. Fletcher had a febrile seizure, lost consciousness, and stopped breathing. It was the most horrific day of my life and I am still a huge mess!

After our Friday play date Fletcher, was kind of out of it and I now believe he had a minor seizure in the car. We got home, he took a little nap on me an we woke up... I could tell he was hot so I got him some water... turned around and he had collapsed. (seizure) He was literally not breathing, or moving and turning blue. Long story short I literally watched him dying in my arms in the car on the way to the hospital. I had to give him mouth to mouth in the car while Barry drove us. (His entire naked body was blue as ice.) Once I gave a couple of breaths, he started vomiting.... to make matters worse, once I got into St. Luke's ER the woman at the front desk was insisting Barry give her our information! I said my baby is not breathing and blue he needs help NOW.. She said calmly. "Yes, I understand but I will need some information from you first." We could not believe it as I sat there holding Fletcher's lifeless body! I was in such a panic and shock that I started to give her information when I just said screw this and ran past her down the halls of the ER screaming for someone to save my baby!

Fletch is doing okay now but still very traumatized himself. He has basically slept for the last 3 days straight. He's incredibly needy and won't let me set him down. Our Dr. says he'll be fine and there are rarely long term effects from these sorts of seizures. (Febrile seizures are caused by high fevers and are common - 1 in 25 kids suffer from them.)

I will be forever haunted by his blue face and body... I can't imagine if we had lost him. I am heart broken from just watching his helpless little body but am reminded that LIFE IS PRECIOUS and that we can't take anything for granted.

I have never experienced anything like this and am suprised at the amount of grief I have. Each day I actually feel more sad... I think the shock is wearing off and the reality of what happened, could have happend, and would may happen again is setting in.

We have been bombarded with calls, emails, text, and people dropping by. Thank you ALL so much for your love and support! It means so much that everyone cares!!! LOVE - Cody, Barry, and Fletcher!


Sarah Dopko said...

Hi Cody,
I am SO grateful that you and Barry were with Fletch when this happened to him. Thank goodness he is going to be okay. I cannot imagine how scary that must have been. You saved his life - you are incredible.

Ivy said...

yikes, cody...so sorry you had to endure this; i can't begin to imagine how it felt. so glad that it turned out as it did, though; it sounds like fletch is fine now. i'll bet you don't want to put him down any more than he wants to be put down.