Monday, January 19, 2009

8 Months in REVIEW!

Fletch has totally blossomed between Christmas and now. He's become a crawling maniac and over the weekend began pulling himself up to stand. Now that he is so mobile he's interacting more with people so I decided to schedule a few play dates for him. Here are some pics of Fletch pal'n around with his buds.

There were 5 of us girls who were all pregnant at the same time and all had boys, so on Friday the moms got a glass of vino and the boys got to socialize... Here is a photo of Jack, Max, Thatcher, Keaton and Fletch.

The photo of Fletch crying is because Keaton won't lay off the "hair" issue. Fletch is beginning to feel a bit sensitive to the hair situation. In order to make him feel better, I told him we would do a hat fashion show on the blog next week... so stay tuned! xoxo- Barry, Cody, & Fletch

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