Sunday, October 5, 2008

Baby's First Oktoberfest! - PROST!

ROAD TRIP! - We headed to Leavenworth, Washington this weekend and after nearly 20 hours of driving (breast feeding stops can really throw a cramp in your style) we thought we'd remind Fletcher why it was worth being strapped in a car seat and listening to mom and dad sing "WE ARE FAMILY".... for so long...

Reason #1 - To get back in shape after baby... it was originally to run the first half marathon I've ever signed up for... (which I DIDN'T do! - Run or get back in shape - but I did sign up and have a poser shirt to prove it.) Ha!

Reason #2 - To see spend time with great friends! Kim my friend from Seattle & her family! And great friends and their families...Blaire and Candice from Boise.

Reason #3 for me but Reason #1 for Barry -
Oktoberfest in a Bavarian Village! After 950 miles, Barry was in need of a beer!

Reason #4 - To get Fletcher his first Christmas ornament.
(see photo) :)

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