Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thanks 4 VISITING!

We Love our Family!! Here are a few pics of Fletcher's new fans.

Our family has been so wonderful and supportive... Thanks to all of you for pouring on your love and taking the trip to love on our little man.
Grandma Cheri has been spoiling him with love! She loves to sit on the front porch and play with him... Cousin Dax keeps Fletch busting a gut! He's a great entertainer! Fletcher does some back surfing on Grandpa Kirk!
Lisa got Fletch all to herself, while the rest of us floated the Boise River! Kim from Seattle came and spent a few days with us but for some reason, the only photo I have of her is with a huge sandwich. (inside joke).

Fletch is 3.5 months old and can't get enough of his loving family!!

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