Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It was a weekend of 1st's in Coeur d'Alene.

What a great weekend, my mom got my her entire brood together for the 1st time this year!
So many great 1st's, I have to list them...

Fletcher went by air and by boat for the 1st time, while Barry and my brother Todd drove around looking like they were on a 1st date. 7 year old cousin Dax disappeared in his Batman pajamas and showed up back up at the house with a 2 and a half pound Bass that he caught all by himself for the 1st time. Uncle Todd did the dished for the 1st time. Grandma Judy saw the "right side of the glass" for the 1st time, and Aunt Amy didn't eat the last brownie for the 1st time! Cousin Riley took 1st the BMX state tourney! Little 1.5 year old Eden said Fletcher's name for the 1st time... she calls him Fletchie. (I also taught her to say Obama!) I'm sure there were other 1st's but I'm most excited that this won't be our last weekend together! Lots of laughs and tons of love!
Every day I wake up and feel so excited to have such a healthy baby boy... I honestly can't believe that I could love him any more than I do... and then suddenly, I wake up and realize each day that I love him more than the day before! Talk about euphoria!

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