Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family Dispute!

Barry and I have been talking to Fletch about his "Car Salesman" gig. We just don't feel that he's living up to his potential. So, after some long discussions with him, he has chosen a new profession. He wants to be a rapper. Now Barry is more upset than ever! He wanted Fletch to be a Professional Golfer... this is devastating to Barry.. He now wants Fletcher to pay rent and understand what it's really like to make a living. I'm not sure how things will turn out but things are very tense in our household right now. Frankly, the worst part about this entire situation, is that HOBBY wants to be his Home Boy!

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Jenn Miller said...

Hey Cody, it's Jenn Miller. It was great seeing you and Fletcher at the Market this morning. Glad to see you are both doing so well. I wanted to get you my email address. I would love to get together this summer with our boys!