Monday, March 8, 2010

This Relax and Enjoy thing is Working!

I honestly don't know what has gotten into me. Maybe it's the fact that Fletcher is easier to communicate with, or maybe I just hit the wall. But since my last post, I truly have begun to CHILL the hell out and my life seems HAPPIER! I'm less worried about everything and everyone around me and just trying not to miss this amazing little life in front of me. (Don't get me wrong... I still have my moments and days for that matter. But overall, things feel easier!)

So, I have a handful of photos and a few stories...

Fletcher's First Haircut
Much to my mullet hating family and friends relief, Fletcher has FINALLY had his first hair cut. (Which my just be a bi-annual event at this rate.) The Albert Einstein/mullet/dreadlock/rat tail hairdo was just not working. He was less than pleased and said it "hurt", but the candycane left over from Christmas seemed to simmer him down (which reminds me, you'll be happy to know Barry removed our Christmas wreath, just in time for Valentine's Day!) We rarely see "OFFICIAL" tears from Fletch... but he sported a couple during the 3 minute trim.

Parenthood Moment!!!
We took Fletch to see a children's concert this weekend at Boise High. We decided to get him seasoned as a true concert goer. We got there early... drank some milk, ate snacks, socialized, and staked out front row seats. It was all going well. He actually sat through the majority of the concert. He was swaying back and fro... I was feeling pretty proud. TH
EN... Red (the singer) asked a few kids to come up on stage and sing with him. (These were kids who had clearly practiced the song and were chosen ahead of time.) Fletcher couldn't restrain himself. He Soooo badly wanted to be on the stage with these children. At first I held him back and soon it was a small wrestling match. And suddenly it hit me.... Fletcher truly loves music, and I'm pretty sure he loves nothing more than an audience. So, I told my little guy if he was going to get on stage, he better hurry. (Mind you, the children were half way through their song.) Honestly, I was embarrassed that he was running up there but I truly felt like it was feeding his soul... who he really is. I remember reading somewhere that one of the best things you can do for your children is to encourage who they really are. As awkward as it felt, I did just that. (Believe me, I got a handful of dirty looks from mothers around me who seemed to think I was letting my out of control child rule me... but I know him and it was going to be okay... it is who he is.) So.. I got one quick shot of him headed for the spotlight... (I didn't dare take anymore as the glares were getting worse from all the soccer moms around me.)
Meet Pippa...

Part of chilling out has included our daily walk up the street to visit Pippa. She is a rusty looking little horse who I swear probably only cost $10. But she is the sweetest thing ever! We have fallen in love with her and Fletch shares and apple with her every afternoon. My mom and Brian were in town visiting and we took a little stroll to see her. My mom said "Visiting the horses was nice... It was like stopping to smell the roses." I disagree slightly... I think it's like stopping to smell the horse poop... but it's all lovely to me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

RELAX and ENJOY... 2010

I began this blog with the intention of recording our days with Fletch so that he could look back and remember his childhood. For now... I'm thinking all he'll remember is that his mother is a complete slacker!

With that said... I'm sad that I didn't post any photos of Christmas, where my entire family came to visit only on a days notice. Where we all played cards at the table in our dining room and Fletcher relished in his cousins' company. What a great holiday we had.

So now it's 2010 and despite my hatred for "resolutions" I decided this year would be different. Because of course... the "ANTI-resolution" did not work well last year. Here is my resolution.... "RELAX & ENJOY"...

I VOW to stop caring what my house looks like, enjoy the gift of my husband and son, who cares if the Christmas wreath on the front of our house is brown and it's January 22nd. I'm over the FRET!!! I will enjoy the GIFT OF LIFE! .... How can I screw this up??? I'm sure I'll have my days but I'm done being hard on myself.... So what if I didn't post the perfect blog for Christmas... I will never forget it and I'll remind Fletcher how great it was.

This all brings me to this photo of my little dude. We have been sick at with a cold and then the flu for 2 weeks. Fletch was so sick of being inside and about to lose his mind, so we took a hike together in the foothills. Fletch was squinting his eyes and he asked if he could wear my sunglasses.... WHAAT? I really felt like we were bonding. Next he'll want to barrow the car!! He may have had a wicked flu
(Look... if he blows chunks on the walk, I won't even have to clean up...)but he still rocked the hike... I love being a mom!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Despite all the amazing blessings in our lives, I have to say 2009 is a year I'll be happy to see go. It has been filled with more sadness than any of us would like to see. But, it's nights like "Girlfriends Christmas" that remind me how lucky I am to be surrounded by strong, loving, and FUNNY women! I'm grateful for all of my girlfriends... they have shown SO much love, poise, and strength this year... I look forward to 2010 and the many years beyond.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

a little privacy... PLEASE!

I have friends who say they can't believe they have children in college.... well I can't believe I have a child who wants to potty on the "poe-poe" as Fletcher puts it! He has been showing interest in the "poe - poe" for a few weeks and yesterday he got on and went. Now we are spending quite a bit of time in the old baño! Fletcher likes to sit on there and grunt. (He must have learned that from someone besides me!) Anyhow... it looks like we'll be attempting potty training soon. For now, it's pretty funny entertainment.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Día de los Muertos

This year we skipped Halloween and headed to Mexico with friends to celebrate the good life and Día de los Muertos! Our dear friends Zeke and AnnMarie Johnson invited us to stay with them at a beautiful condo in Punta Mita. There we were treated with a stunning ocean views, delicious meals, and to much fun to mention. Here are a handful of photos. With 8 adults and Fletch... he kept us fully entertained! Each morning and night he would have us bust out the Black Eyed Peas tune "I Gotta Feeling" and would boogie down. He really enjoyed himself and was saying a ton of new words by the end of the week, including.... hola, adios, beer, and boobs... Ahhhh, makes a mother proud. ?!

The boys went fishing and returned with a 130lb tuna. We enjoyed a tasty dinner which they even prepared for all the gals and Fletch. It was great to see Fletch play in the ocean and even make little friends at the beach. It was the first time I really felt like we had a kid... and not a baby. It was a very great bonding trip with him!Taking in the view.

Zeke intoducing Fletcher to baby gecko.

"I Gotta Feeling" - Dance Party... lead by Fletchito (as we called him)

Headed to dinner. AnnMarie holding Fletch. :>
Night view from our balcony.
Morning coffee for mom, morning milk for Fletch.
Zeke, Andrew, Beau, & Barry celebrating their big day fishing!
Momma loves.
Meghan and Carrie

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Other Family...

Although Barry and I consider ourselves very blessed to have such amazing families, we also have another "family"... our friends.

Living in Boise, we really have no immediate family here and over the years, our neighbors, old roommates, and other friends have become our second family. In this photo is our friend Robert... he is MY FAMILY, he is BARRY'S FAMILY, he is FLETCHER'S FAMILY... and if Roxy, were given a choice, she would be living with him!

I met Robert when I was 19 and attending Boise State. I rented a room in the Northend and a few weeks later Robert rented another room in the same house. To say the least, we had a rocky start. I was a hyper, young girl, working 3 jobs, getting poor grades, and just all around annoying... he had just finished PA school and found it extremely satisfying to torment me however he could. He would embarrass me in front of my boyfriends, gather shredded paper from his office for months and then stuff my bedroom full of it, leave the toilet seat up, wake me up and jump on my bed with 2 golden retrievers and 1 yellow lab after he came home from a night out drinking, he would just drive me nuts... but then I would forgive him when he'd once in a while buy me a beer... or two. We pretty much hated each other for a while... but somehow, somewhere, he became like a brother to me.

Robert has been sick for a while and this week, we found out that he has cancer. Right now I feel a bit numb, I want to help Robert get well however I can, but today I just want to remember how I came to love him. He is sensitive and sweet,
stubborn and tough... yet, funny and caring.

I remember once when I was 20, Robert and I were out for dinner and we saw a man dancing so crazy and free... he was wearing a purple tank top, purple tie-dye skirt and leg warmers to match. (you Boise natives may know who I'm talking about... this guy is still at every Alive After Five... sometimes with roller blades.) I made a comment to Robert about what a freak the guy was and how strange he was. Robert looked at me and said "Why do you care? At least he is happy... he is comfortable and happy, leave him alone."

I will never forget that day. Even now, I often see that man dancing and I'm always so jealous that he can stand in front of strangers and express himself so openly. Just this summer I saw him dancing and watched him in awe.... he knew so many people in the crowd... people loved him, he was hugging people... strangers even.. he didn't stop smiling. His energy was so positive and I guarantee he is happier than most any of us!

As I write this I look at how Robert has lived his life so far...
He does live his life much like the man we saw dancing... always an AMAZING friend to SO many people, he is a wonderful listener, he'll tell you what he thinks, Robert is a VERY loyal friend, he probably wouldn't wear purple (ha, ha) but, he lives his life honestly and openly and he is a HAPPY person that people LOVE!

I so wish that I were an eloquent writer because these few short paragraphs don't do my friend justice. He is my brother and I love him!

Please keep Robert in your prayers... this world needs him!
We love you Robert!!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Fletcher has learned that the best way to enjoy Sunday night football is to have your chores done and mom off your back. He and dad cut the grass so they could be ready for the Cowboys first home game of the season in their new stadium. Unfortunatly, it was a loss... but Fletcher was sleeping away in his bed by the end anyhow.

The good news is... Fletcher got his OWN lawn mower and LOVES it! When we make him come inside he stands and the door crying and screaming "NON NOWER".. which translates to "Lawn Mower".